Finite Element Analysis By S.S Bhavikatti Pdf Free Download

Finite Element Analysis By S.S Bhavikatti Pdf Free Download

About Book

  • The concept of Finite Element Analysis, finding properties of various elements and assembling stiffness equation is developed systematically by splitting the subject into various chapters.
  • The method is made clear by solving many problems by hand calculations. The application of finite element method to plates, shells and nonlinear analysis is presented.
  • After listing some of the commercially available finite element analysis packages, the structure of a finite element program and the desired features of commercial packages are discussed.


  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Equations in Elasticity
  3. Matrix Displacement Formulation
  4. Element Shapes, Nodes, Nodal Unknowns and Coordinate Systems
  5. Shape Functions
  6. Strain Displacement Matrix
  7. Assembling Stiffness Equation—Direct Approach
  8. Assembling Stiffness Equation—Galerkin’s Method
  9. Assembling Stiffness Equation—Variational Method
  10. Discritization of a Structure
  11. Finite Element Analysis—Bars and Trusses
  12. Finite Element Analysis—Plane Stress and Plane Strain Problems
  13. Isoparametric Formulation
  14. Analysis of Beams and Rigid Frames
  15. Bending of Thin Plates
  16. Analysis of Shells
  17. Nonlinear Analysis
  18. Standard Packages and Their Features


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